Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato � nothing could be easier with the Professional Cappuccino Frother. It draws milk in directly from the container, heats it up, froths it and delivers perfect milk foam at the touch of a button for the ultimate Cappu

The Easy Cappuccino Frother provides milk foam at the touch of a button. It is compatible with the Connector System©. When steam is prepared, a negative pressure is created and this draws milk from the container. Every Cappuccino is made success

The stylish, practical accessory for all lovers of milk specialities. It holds 0.4 litres / 13.5 oz. and keeps the milk cool throughout the day. Its styling is fully in keeping with the JURA design.

The elegantly shaped, stainless steel vacuum milk container is a practical addition for all lovers of milk specialities. Thanks to its familiar tried-and-tested principle, it holds 0.6 litres / 20 oz. and keeps the milk cool throughout the day.

Make sure that your milk always stays cool as well. With the non-wearing and CFC-free Peltier cooling, the Cool Control from JURA is able to cool milk to 25°C / 77 °F below the ambient temperature. Once a temperature of 4°C / 39.2 °F

55 °C / 131 °F � the perfect temperature Coffee tastes its best when served hot. That's why all professionals work with correctly pre-warmed cups as a matter of principle. If hot coffee is poured into cold porcelain cups, a lot of